Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm sure all of us have fantasized about sex with celebrities, right? It was always one of our hottest fantasies to bed a celeb, especially someone whom you've been lusting after. Well, this lucky Slut did eventually have such an opportunity. This was in the 90s and the celeb in question happened to be one of my man crush in that era.

The guy in question, was a pretty well known singer in the late 80s. He came into the spotlight because he was one of those who was blessed with crystal clear vocals. His voice was always soothing & effortless even when he hits the high notes. It was never ear-piercing screechy & that was part of the reason many fell in love with him. Me included. It also helped that he was cute as hell which was a rarity in the local entertainment scene. This guy was Idol material.

And I was right. As more & more people sat up & listened, his celeb status started to climb. When he started out, he was just a regular dude with a very like-able face & angelic voice. Then as he became more well-received, he started working out & began to hone a really hunky bod. Needless to say, this Slut fully welcomed this new improved sexy version of my idol. And then BOOM! That bod propelled him to even greater heights of the popularity. People from other parts of Asia started to hear about his name. He was one of this country's pride cos he had the whole package. Good looks, great voice, a bod to die for & very soon he was well-known in the Mandarin Pop industry across Asia.

There's a saying that goes, the higher you climb, the harder you fall. With the fame that he acquired, it also meant his life eventually became more & more public. I'm guessing he was not prepared for the invasion of his private life & the stress of having to deal with it, especially with the aggressive tabloids abroad. It came to a point where he made an abrupt decision to leave the entertainment industry. It was such bad news for his fans cos although we did suspect his sexual preference, we never really cared cos we loved his voice & the songs that he was putting out. Anyway, he quickly faded into oblivion & soon most people have forgotten about him by the mid 90s but not this Slut.

The fortunate event happened sometime in the late 90s. During that time, people were discovering Gay dating websites. These websites were usually set up by foreign companies in the States. It became hugely popular with the local gay crowd. We could set up a profile, give ourselves a fancy nickname & then we could start corresponding with guys who caught our eyes. I remember I was logged in to one of these websites & a profile caught my attention. It featured a hunky bod with the face cropped off. But the beautifully sculpted pecs on this guy's profile was alluring enough to ignite my sexual desires. He had a short & sweet message for those browsing through too. He's looking for casual fun. Perfect for this Horny Slut.

I decided to leave him a message to let him know I'm keen to play. To cut the story short, there were a few back & forths between me & him after that. But when I requested for his face pic, I was rejected as he claimed he's discreet. I usually do not proceed further in scenarios like these cos there are a lot of fakes out there. But somehow that day, perhaps due to the fact that I was extremely horny, I decided to take a gamble. I asked for his address & headed over to his place.

When I reached his place at the eastern part of the country, I went up to his apartment & knocked on the door. Next, I heard a voice calling out from the inside telling me that the door is not locked & to let myself in. I turned the door knob & found myself in a cosy, dimly lit 3 room apartment. The decor was Oriental themed, with Buddha statues placed throughout the living room. There were also a lot of Fish tanks in the house. Hmmm... this guy must love fishes. Then the voice spoke again & it came from one of the bedrooms. The room door was opened slightly, leaving a gap. I approached & slowly pushed the door open to finally reveal the owner of the house.

Fuck! It's him!!! That would be my thought bubble if this was a scene from an erotic comic. I was caught totally off guard when I saw his face. I just couldn't believe my good luck! This guy is that one celeb that I've fantasized umpteen times about . I was so stunned by the face presented to me that I literally froze at the doorway. He was seated in an armchair next to his bed & luckily he made the 1st move by beckoning to me. Still dazed with the realization that I've stumbled on the good fortune of bumping into my Idol, I sheepishly approached him.

As I advanced towards him, he stood up. Our eyes met & I'm sure he must have caught the moment when I realized that I recognized him but he chose not to acknowledge that. Anyway, he still looks quite good albeit a little haggard. His face was devoid of expression, his eyes lifeless. Life must have been hard for him ever since he quit being a pop star. A hundred questions were running through my mind. Where have you been? How could you just vanish like that? Do you know you let all your fans down? etc. Surprisingly, my 1st thought wasn't to suck his cock.

Before I could make any move, he reached out for my shoulders & gave it a downward push so that I would consequently end up kneeling in front of him. My eyes is now at the same level as his crotch. I looked up at his handsome face & without a word, he nodded; signifying I have permission to reach for him. 

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!! This is unbelievable! I could almost hear the silent cries in my mind. On the one hand, I was ecstatic to fulfill my lust for one of my sexual fantasies but in reality, I was nervous as hell! With trembling hands, I reached for the buttons on his berms, unbuttoned them & as his shorts dropped to the ground, I buried my face into his pelvis. The only thing that is separating his manhood & my lips now is his underwear. But at this moment, it was enough just to take in the musky scent of his crotch area as I rubbed my face around it.

When I looked up again, his eyes is still as listless as ever. Oh poor Baby, what has life done to you? You look like you've lost all hope. It was then that I made up my mind to do my best to satisfy him sexually. It was the least I could do. My fingers crept up to his upper bod & caressed it. His bod is no longer as toned as how it was during its peak but the sculpted square pecs are still there. Gingerly, I stood up & stripped him of his t-shirt. A semi-naked Idol is now standing before me. OMG! I have run through this scene in my mind countless times & it's so surreal that this is happening for real!

I leaned in to his neck & started gently kissing there. Then my lips slowly meandered down to his chiseled chest, the manly thick pecs that I've had numerous wet dreams about. I continued planting kisses all over his sexy chest till I reached his nipples. I stuck out my tongue & gave one of his nips full attention while my palm groped the other side of his bouncy pectorals & took full advantage of the situation. He was still as motionless as ever. It felt like he wasn't really enjoying this so I decided to probe further. Down I slithered some more, licking his hunky bod as I descended till I was once again kneeling in front of him.

My fingers reached for the band around his underwear & languidly peeled it off. As the underwear came off, I was presented with a rather limp cock. This was a far cry from how I imagined it to be. In my fantasy, he was sporting a roaring hard on & raring to tear my man cunt apart. But I don't blame him cos I'm also nervous as fuck & I can't get it up too. I just have to work harder; so I popped his weiner into my mouth & pulled out all the oral tricks that I'm capable of. 

Thankfully, my sucking skills didn't disappoint & I soon got his floppy lil bro standing at attention. It was then that my Idol decided to haul me up, stripped me & then put me in a doggie position. Next, he whipped out a condom, lubed me up & he took me. He wasn't a passionate fucker. In fact, the way he fucked was so indifferent that I felt that I was just a sexual outlet for him which to an extent, is how it is. Apart from the initial few words that he spoke to help me find him, he hadn't uttered a single word. Hell, there wasn't even any sounds from him when he eventually emptied his barrel. On hindsight, I realized that it was probably as awkward for him as for me, especially when he knew that I recognized who he was. Plus, I believe he must have plucked up lots of courage to eventually put himself out there for a hookup.  

So, is this one of my favorite sexual experience? No. But it is definitely one of the more memorable ones. Well, reality always doesn't equal fantasy, does it? I heard through the grapevine later that he went into the aquarium business. Ah... that explains the fish tanks at his place!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Guys, here's a question that I'd like to put to you, the readers. I believe everyone has a dream guy in their heart right? What if one day, you bump into your dream guy but he turned out to be a Money Boy? Would you guys go ahead & hire him?

You guys know the saying, Resistance is Futile? That is essentially the crux of this blog entry. I've noticed this guy (picture below) who has been coming around our shores as a Money Boy for some time already. If I had a type, he would be the total fit for it. He's everything I would like my man to be; manly looking but yet at the same time, carrying a tinge of boyishness innocence mixed with a hint of bad boy arrogance. Oh gosh, everytime I look at that face, my heart just stops & misses a beat!

My Mr. Perfect

I swear, all he needs to do is look at me with his piercing stare & I would immediately turn into a blob of squishy jelly. Damn, if I had a dying last wish, I would want this guy to fuck me the whole day & I would die a happy Slut. And don't even get me started on that hot bod, the thick square pecs, the 6 pacs & those ultra droolicious Tribal Tattoos! Yeah, I know the pics could possibly be heavily photoshopped but I'm still hanging on to the last thread of hope that he won't be too far off from the pic in person.

Man Of My Dreams

Maybe it was because I didn't want to be sorely disappointed by what reality could bring me (which could happen in some cases with these Money Boys), I've held off on the urge to engage him even though I had chanced upon his profile in the gays apps umpteen times. The fear that my high expectations of this Adonis would be utterly shattered have stopped me & helped me resist him time & time again. Up until today.

Love this pic of him, he looks to be at a loss & I just wanna give him a big tight hug!

As luck would have it, I had hit the sauna in Chinatown & it turned out to be a bad night, I didn't get to have wild sex like I had hoped for so I was sexually frustrated when I left the sauna. In a last ditch effort, I turned on the gay app in my phone to check out who were around the area. And I spotted him! Dilemma ensued. I want him so bad but I don't want my dream to be dashed by the harsh reality. How?

In the end, the Horny Devil in me convinced me. No harm contacting him, meet him in person & if he's not as hot in person, you could still reject him. You are so near to each other now! I envisioned the Devil whispering these words into my ears.

With that, I picked up the phone once again & I said Hi. The reply from him came back fairly quickly & soon we were in a deal making mode. I told him that he would only have a deal if he came down to meet me but for some reason, he was quite reluctant. An alarm went off in my head! Gosh, please please don't let him turn out to be a fake.

In the end, we made a truce to meet halfway. I would take the lift up & he would meet me at the lift landing. I didn't have enough cash with me so I texted him back that I would need time to find an ATM. He replied to say that I could call him direct on his mobile when I'm done. So I did that & dialed his number. That was the 1st time I heard his voice & man, it got my horny juices flowing just from hearing it. His voice was deep & manly but it did not sound harsh like most China man when they speak. In fact, there was a tenderness in his delivery & I was immediately attracted to that voice.

With abated breath, I took the lift up to the level where his apartment was & called again just to hear that sexy voice. He picked up, said he would be on his way out & within 30 secs I saw a silhouette waving to me some 50 meters away. From the outline, it does look like him so I approached him. As I got nearer, I silently heaved a big sigh of relief cos' it was really him; my Dream Guy!

Because the deal was struck via the chat earlier on, it was all down to business right away as soon as the door closed on his room. He stripped down to his birthday suit as did myself. In person, he's shorter; probably around 1.72m. His bod was also not as toned as the pic on his profile suggest but it worked to my favour as I've always had a penchant for guys on the meatier end. His limp cock is as handsome as the owner. It was already looking very thick & nearly 5 inches in its unaroused state. Glee!

I had negotiated for a massage to be done first & so we proceeded to do that. Just before he began the massage, I couldn't resist but snapped him with my phone, which resulted in the pic below:

Still a Hot Bod in my Eyes

As with the case of these Money Boys hook up, the massage is not the highlight of the session. It's just this Slut's way of getting more bang out of the cash transacted. His massage skills were mediocre if you asked me. But fortunately, he was really co-operative & did everything I asked him to do. 

Then it was down to the real thing. I was still on my stomach, lying on the bed; he started to lay on top of me & began to grind his cock on my buns and his boner got stiff very quickly. Soon he was poking dangerously near my hole. I reached back to have a feel of his cum provider & I was totally satisfied with how hefty it felt in my palm. Curious to see how his cock looks like in its full glory, I turned around & a gorgeous 7 incher met my eyes. OMG, how blessed is this guy? He's got the looks, a sexy baritone voice, a nice enough bod which has the potential to be great & such a suckable beautiful weiner! Needless to say, I went on attack mode, licking him ferociously all over, kissing him fully on his lips. He gave me full access to his bod & I helped myself. My palms were grabbing his full pecs, roaming his firm bod, caressing his well-rounded butt etc. I then went down on him, popped his wonder stick into my famished mouth & sucked as if my life depended on it. Next, I buried my face into his ball sacs, taking in his musky natural manly smell. I worshipped him like a god. He's mine for now & I made sure I devoured him.  

Mr Perfect is now poised for action too. He pushed me down on to the bed, obviously ready to give me the pleasure that I was seeking. Just as he was getting ready to lube me up, I stole another shot of him & his equally stunning rod (see pic below):

Then he got to work and when I say work, he was literally working. He fucked me mechanically.  He was co-operative throughout the whole ordeal, he took directions very well but there was no passion in it. So therefore it was less than perfect for me in that sense. But I don't blame him. He's probably become pretty jaded since he's been plying himself for quite some time in this trade already. Personally, I'm just happy that he didn't turn out to be a fake & I got to own this short intimate moment with him. I think if the guy is your dream guy, you'd probably could cum just by looking at him & that's what happened to me. The sight of him pumping into my wet orifice is so hot that it made me auto-cum while he was still thrusting away.

Me kissing Mr Perfect's Splendidness before it disappeared into my ravenous mouth.

Just as I was leaving, I noticed that there was a vase of flowers arranged prettily. I made a comment on it & he informed me that it was arranged by him. He then proceeded to show me some of the works he's done on flower arrangement on his tablet. He plans to quit being a Money Boy & open a flower shop. Well, I'm sure he'll become a handsome boss. All the best, my Mr. Perfect!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


This was back in the mid-90s when the gay scene was starting to flourish in Asia. Everywhere in Asia, there'll be a mega party to go to from time to time. This Slut, was without a doubt, then a hardcore clubber or what they coined as a 'Circuit Boy' in the gay circle. Like I mentioned before, the gay party scene was thriving & there were all these fabulous bashes to attend around Asia (they're called Circuit Parties). Hence, people like me who go around to these gigs are labelled as 'Circuit Boys'.

Locally, I'd be making my rounds to the gay clubs on Fridays/Saturdays & even on Sundays & party till the wee hours. There were usually elevated podiums in these clubs & that's where you'd find me; shaking my sexy ass like I don't care. Heck, I got so chummy with the owners of the clubs that they even allowed me to dance on their bar tops!

One of the cannot-be-missed Party is during Songkran in Bangkok. This is a yearly pilgrimage for all the 'Circuit Boys'. When Songkran comes around, the 'Circuit Boys' from all over the world will converge here in Bangkok. It was during one of these trips that I would experience my 1st Orgy in a foreign land.

I remember that year quite clearly. There were 4 of us, me included. As expected, We were in the hottest club in Bangkok, DJ Station. The club was packed to the brim as usual & the only decent place to show off my dance moves was on DJ Station's stage where it's less crowded. So there I was, having a great time with my friends throughout the night. And because we were on the elevated stage, we caught quite a lot of attention from the crowd dancing on the dancefloor below us. 

After the club closed, me & my friends were just hanging outside, checking out the other Hotties. It was then that we were approached by another group of 'Circuit Boys'. Turns out, they were Taiwanese & they asked if we have further plans. When we said no, they invited us up to their 'place', which was a serviced apartment they had rented for the Songkran period. 

After a short discussion with my friends, we decided to take up their offer. We also saw that they had invited other people & there were about 15 people in all when we made our way to their apartment. Of course, we started eyeing each other while we were walking to the Hosts' place. I actually quite like one of the Hosts & made a mental note that I'll hook up with him later.

Once we were in the apartment, music was played, drinks were poured & soon the House Party was on track. Shortly after, one of the Hosts suggested that we should strip down to our underwears. Thank God I had nice underwear, I silently gloated. Things began to heat up as soon as the barriers that were our clothes were removed. People were dancing more intimately, smooches were being planted on random lips as we huddled together, grinding our bodies against each other.

Then another Host whipped out a pack of pills & it immediately stuck me that those were party drugs. He started going around & offering them to his guests. I decided to forgo the drugs. I may be a Slut but I'm not so Stupid as to put myself at risk. Anything could happen in these parties & I had to stay vigilant. As the effects of the drugs hit, people started to get even friendlier & there were more caressing of each other's bodies. The large group also began to break into smaller groups & some of them have started to head for the bedrooms (there were 3 bedrooms).

Time to move in on the Hottie Host that I had my eyes on. I deliberately joined the group that the Hottie Host was at & began canoodling with everyone on the group. He was extremely friendly to everyone because of the effect of the drugs so he was sharing kisses with all the guys in the group. I was just glad that none of my friends were in the group or it would have been quite awkward. I don't make out with my friends though we party together. Haha... In the corner of my eye, I saw that Friend 'A' had joined another group & Friend 'C' & 'D' who were quite awed by this experience, were at the bar counter, chatting with a couple of other guys who were invited. Obviously, this is the group that was not used to scenarios like this.

I turned my attention back to Hottie Host. He was clearly the group favorite here. There were already 3 other guys pawing at him & that's 4 of us if you include me. It was not surprising given that he was such a good-looker. Hottie Host sports a very short crew cut, much like those army boys type. His eyes were deep set & he had one of the most charming smile on a guy. I could literally feel myself melt inside whenever he looked at me & put on that mega-watt smile. Body-wise, his bod was just how I liked in a man. It was thick, with bulging pecs & his arms were so chunky that I had to fight back the 
urge to bite down on them. He had a small layer of fats surrounding his abdomen but not too much as you could still see a faint outline of his six packs underneath it. 

By now, the other guys in the group were now trying to tug his underwear down his massive thighs. I told myself I had to get in quick on the action or I would lose him. I joined in & since no one was focusing on his lips, I swooped in for a kiss. He kissed well & I just reveled in that moment where our lips were locked. After awhile, I looked down & I saw that his underwear had come off & his 6 inch hard cock was being shared by the 3 guys who were worshipping him. He clearly had his eyes on one of the guys at his feet cos he hoisted him up & they locked lips. I took the position of the guy he was kissing & had a brief encounter with Hottie Host's engorged dick. His cock was as equally yummy as his bod & I lamented the fact that I had to share it with these guys. 

Rule No. 1 in an Orgy, you share, you don't fight for it.

Then Hottie Host decided he wants to have a 1-on-1 with the Cutie that he was smooching & they broke away from the group. So that leaves the 3 of us left to play. Luckily I didn't mind one of the other guys in the group. He was less muscular than Hottie Host but definitely more toned, so i focused my attention on him. 3rd guy, seeing that we both were not so much into him, made a timely retreat. 

Rule No. 2 in an Orgy, if you don't get the guy you want, move on to the next guy.

The toned Hunk then decided that we should move ourselves out of public view & go into one of the bedrooms. But unfortunately, we were slightly late. All the rooms were already occupied, except for one room with double bed & a single bed & my friend 'A' was on the double bed fucking another guy! Without much choices, I had to grit my teeth & took the single bed next to Friend 'A'. It was embarassing as hell cos I've never had sex in front of my own friends before!

Rule No. 3 in an Orgy, make the most of your situation. Your aim is to have fun, so make sure you have lots of it.

So there I was, making out right beside my own friend. Fortunately, the toned Hunk was quite a competent fucker & soon he was making me feel so good & made me moan out uncontrollably. When I saw that Friend 'A' was also immersing himself in the throes of pleasure, I also decided to throw caution to the wind. My moans became louder & louder as I felt more & more uninhibited.

When toned Hunk was done with me, I headed for the showers where I bumped into Hottie Host & his Cutie bathing together. I joined in for a hot threesome, sucking both their cocks under the running waters until they both shot their hot jizz all over my face.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Friend 'C' & 'D' who couldn't let themselves lose, ended up just chatting with other guys who felt the same way as them. By the time we left the apartment, people were still making out with one another but me & Friend 'A' didn't want to make 'C' & 'D' feel even more uncomfortable so we decided to make an early exit. It was however, almost daylight when we hit the streets. Friend 'A' & I never talked about this incident after that. Think it must be just as awkward for him. Haha...

Saturday, 1 November 2014


This Slut has always been fascinated by the French language. How could a language sound so elegant & yet so erotic at the same time? It's another dream of Moi to be fucked by a hot French Top while he murmurs his sensual mother tongue into my ears. I think I would just auto-cum from that!

Recently I spotted this extremely Buff Hot Daddy in the Gay app. What attracted me was his bulge; the bulging biceps that is, haha... So I started flirting with him. As expected, the flirting evolved into sexting where he would tell me how he would bathe me, massage me & then fuck me lovingly etc. Wow, this Slut definitely wouldn't mind being treated like that for a change. This went on for weeks & nothing really happened out of it. We would arrange for a hook up & last min, he'd come up with some excuse. I was starting to doubt if this guy is for real.

It was a Monday and I'd come back from work & for some reason, I was suddenly horny. I turned on the apps in my phone & Buff Daddy was online. Ok, let's give him one last chance; I told myself. Turns out Daddy is pumping iron in the gym. The thought of his muscles rippling as he pushed those weights stoked my horny fire even more & I enquired Buff Daddy if he would like to pump my ass too. Daddy was enticed by the proposition & informed me that he was Horny as well. Perfect. I got him to send me more pics & received these.

Wow wow wow!!! Daddy is one hell of a Buff Dude. His dick looks a little tiny compared to that Bulky bod but I wasn't bothered. All that Meat is the cravings of this Slut at the moment. We made arrangements for him to come over after his workout. 

Then the iffy dude in him surfaced. He kept asking if I was certain that I wanna meet him & that it's ok if I didn't want to. Why would I not wanna meet such a hot slab of beef? I kinda suspected that he's not very confident of his looks & cock. Looks-wise, I wouldn't really classify him as a good-looker & I'm a staunch believer that guys with average sized cocks tend to make more effort in bed. I had to assure him that I was serious in meeting him & he eventually relented & made his way to my place.

While he was on the way, I popped into the shower to make sure I smelled fresh & heavenly for my Daddy. Buff Daddy took about 20min to reach my place. He was a little bit shorter than expected but otherwise he was every bit the Dude that I saw in the pictures that were sent. Elation!

Once the doors were shut, he dragged me into the bathroom despite my weak protest that I've just showered. Daddy informed me that he would bathe me just like he promised. Once in the showers, he lathered me up; the scratching sensation of his scruffy palms gave me an instant hard-on. He turned me around so that I was back facing him. His palms reached down to my butt & he spent a bit of time admiring it, grabbing the buns, weighing them in his fat palms, sliding his fingers in between my butt cheeks. 

'You have such a beautiful butt', he stared lovingly at my tush as he caressed it & it was driving me crazy.
'Thank you, now would you like to hump it?', I teased & stuck out my buttock further towards him.
He welcomed the move & back hugged me as he slid his hardening cock up & down my butt slit.

I let him do his thing & when I felt that he was fully hard I turned around so that I could check out his dong in its full glory. I had a very pleasant surprise. Buff Daddy's little weenie is in fact a Grower. It is now standing at a very good-sized 6.5 inches & it was thick! Slurp!

I reached for the shower head & hosed him down, making sure he was suds-free. His bod was very tough; everywhere I felt were solid muscles. And his thighs, they were built like tree trunks! Then I dropped to my knees & devoured his suckalicious schlong. The mixture of his pre-cum & running water made his cock taste so good I could suck on it forever.

But Buff Daddy had to hoist me up, toweled me dry & then led me to the bed. He then proceeded to give me a good half hour of massage that by the time he was done with it, I was so relaxed like a rag doll. 

He then flipped me over so that I was now facing him & he kissed me fully on the lips. He was a competent kisser & I of course, enjoyed all that attention that was given. I couldn't help but started moaning as his tongue found its way down my neck & I involuntarily wrapped my arms & legs around him like a koala bear. We stayed in this position for a bit, enjoying the slow kisses & the close proximity of each other's bodies. 

Eventually, he got up & reached for the condom, covered up & then he got me on all fours. I waited like an obedient puppy as he edged towards my expecting man-hole. As he slid in, I let out a relieved sigh. Buff Daddy has finally taken me. When he started to thrust, I rocked in rhythm with him. Yes, we are finally One! The sight of my buns banging against his pelvis must have turned Buff Daddy on some more & he began smacking my meaty lumps as he rode. 

'Aahhh!!!' I yelped. 
'Mmmm yeah, ride me Sexy Daddy', I cajoled.
'Yeah. Fuck! Your butt so Sexy!' He replied & continued to give it a few more spanks to which I returned the favor with more sensuous cries.

Next, Buff Daddy leaned forward so that he is now back-hugging me again & he was half standing, straddling me. I could feel his fury chest against my back, his left arm was placed across my neck. He could have have strangled me to death if he wanted to. In this position, I could feel his body warmth against me & hear his hastened breathing next to my ears. His chunky Weiner is pushed all the way right up my alley & it was such a tight fit. It had a slight S&M feel to it. I wondered if I would ejaculate out of pure sexual ecstasy if he were to really strangle me now.

Thankfully, Buff Daddy wasn't hardcore. Instead he whispered in my ears.
'How you like your Daddy fucking?'
'I love it, Daddy. Don't stop!' I encouraged & my Buff Daddy went back to rummaging my whore hole. 

He gave my back chamber a real good workout that evening. I literally was like a rag doll in this Hulk's presence, being flipped over & over numerous times. When he eventually came, it was with an animalistic howl that ended the ordeal.

Being the sweet Daddy that he is, he showered me again after the fuck & made sure that I was all cleaned up. It was during these final moments that I managed to find out that he is French. No wonder his English is a little off. Damn, if I had known earlier, I would make him whisper sensual French as he plundered me!

Never mind, there is always a next time. :D

Buff Daddy's Grower

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


To all Hot, Sexy, Hunky Indian Bros,
Wishing All of You a Dick-licious Deepavali!
Love your Juicy Thick Cocks. :P

Monday, 6 October 2014


Those of you who have been following this blog would've known that snagging a Black Cock has been a dream of this Slut. And I'm glad to announce that I've finally fulfilled my ultimate mission of having a Big Fat Black Cock in my craving crevice in the form of this Hot Black Stud!


Fuckin' Luv his Tribal Tattoos!

So how did I finally grab hold of this Ebony Gem? Well, it was a couple of weeks ago when this Slut was in Hong Kong to attend a close friend's wedding. The wedding was held on a Saturday night & the dinner which I was invited to ended close to Midnight. By the time I was back in the hotel, it was well past midnight. 

I was horny as hell & contemplated heading down to one of the Saunas to try my luck. But before that, I thought I'd try the gay apps to check out the hunks around my hotel. That's when I spotted him. He was just a couple of hundred metres away from where I was. The pics he put up on his profile were totally Hotness Amplified, especially the one with him in Leather get-up. OMG, I NEED to have him!

In an instant, I chatted him up & fortunately he didn't take too long to respond. From the chats, I found out that he was from Brazil & holidaying his way thru Asia. Wow wow wow, a Brazilian Black Stud!

Fast forward, I sent him my face pic & once he was agreeable to meeting, I literally fled to his Hotel which was just 5 min away from where I stayed. My heart was pounding away as I knocked on his Hotel room door. My wettest wet dream is gonna come true soon!

The guy who opened the door turned out to be a rather smiley guy, quite a departure from the stern-looking dude that was feature on his profile. We briefly exchanged pleasantries & soon my hands were all over his bod, feeling him up. His actual bod is not as toned as it looked on pictures but heck it, it was good enough for me. 

What I was more curious about however, was what is hidden beneath his red sports shorts. This ultra horny Slut couldn't be kept in suspense & I started to tug his red shorts down, without bothering to remove his tank top. As the shorts came off, his limp cock flopped out & boy, it looked totally suckable even in its softened state. I had to beg him for a pic which he reluctantly agreed to after much pleading, hence the pic below.

Without any hesitation I went to work, with the aim to arouse the sleeping Anaconda that is down below. We kissed while I groped him all over and then I slowly worked my way down, licking his Chocolate Brown bod everywhere. By the time I came face to face with his Sperm Supplier, he was already in full arousal state. It must have been a good 8 inches! Fucking yeah, I'm so in luck, I thought to myself.

As my fingers grabbed the base of his Charcoal Shaft, there was still at least another 4 inches available for me to suck on. He had the cutest pubic hair that I've ever seen. It was all curly-wurly. I've never encountered pubic hair like this & couldn't help playing with it with my fingers. His fur was wiry to the touch. Then it was time to turn my attention back to the stiff prick in front of my face. I passed him my phone & told him he had free reign to snap me while I show him what I was capable of. Surprisingly he was quite happy to do it & it must have turned him on as I could feel his Big Python grow even harder in my Slutty mouth.

I had a bit of problem taking in all of his 8 incher so I decided to get a little help from my trusted Poppers bottle. I took a few whiffs & as the effect hit me, I went totally wild on his amazing Black Rod. I was finally able to take him all the way in, deep into my throat. I then came up all the way to his cock tip & plunged it back into the deep recess that is my throat. I closed my eyes shut & concentrated on sliding up & down his massive Fuck Rod. I was brimming with pride cos I had accomplished an extremely difficult task, engulfing a Big Fat 8 inch Cock all the way in my mouth. The Black Stud, on the other hand, is now moaning in pleasure & I made sure he knew how much I was enjoying his Fucker with loud slurps.

Then it was time to claim the prize. This is what I been working for. I needed that swarthy Monster Cock jabbing my itchy hole. I reached for the condom & helped to cover him up. Due to the enormous size of his tool, I had a little trouble with my Asian-sized condom. But once I got it on, there was no turning back. I got into a doggie position so Black Stud would have an unobstructed view of my man-hole. Then, playfully I twerked my butt as a signal of welcoming my Big-Dicked Hunk. He crawled up to me, pointed his whopping Fuck Rod at my butt's eyelet & then he prodded forward & I felt his cock head popped through my sphincter walls. I decided that this moment needs to be documented & so I passed him my mobile again to which he took this shot.

From here on, I let the Black Stud lead in whatever he wanted to do with me. He went on to pump me relentlessly & my moans of gratification grew louder & louder until at one point he had to tell me to lower the volume for fear the other Hotel guest would hear it. Haha... I was surprised at myself that I didn't feel much pain even though that's how I imagined it to be with such a Gigantic Cock. It must have been either cos of the fact that I was highly sexed or the fact that his Fucker wasn't Steel hard. This is something that I've observed in Big Dicked guys. Their cocks are somehow not as hard compared to a smaller cock. Whatever the case, I'm not complaining!

Another shot of Black Stud while he was fucking me senseless.

The Massive Black Fucker in its full glory.

I figured it was perhaps 15min had passed when my Black Stud pulled out of my hole. He had gone slightly softer & complained that the condom was too tight on him. Aww... my poor baby. I immediately peeled the rubber that was suffocating his Family Pride & gave it some loving tender sucking until I got him all rigid again. 

I wanted him to cum so I pulled him into the shower, knelt in front of his enormous Hard-on & told him to dump his hot jizz on my face. He agreed & went on to jerk himself into a frenzy while I encouraged him verbally.

'Yeah, Hot Stud. Gimme your hot cream!' I cajoled.
'Fuckin' smear your Fuck juice all over my face!'
'Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuckin' cum all over your sweet face Baby.' He managed between breaths.
'Come on, give it to me, Fucker!', I ordered.

And with that, I felt a stream of warm sticky sap raining on my face. I closed my eyes & enjoyed the sperm facial as the Black Stud shuddered away. The overwhelming sensation of his climax taking over his muscular bod. When he was all done, I used my palm & spread his essence all over my face & we both smiled at each other.

Mission accomplished! I couldn't help but stole another shot of this excellent Ebony Beef before I left the building.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


It was another usual weekday night & the Slut was just chilling with some TV on the couch when my phone buzzed with a message. When I opened up the message, I was greeted by this exotic Hunk.

Mmm... yum yum, I thought to myself as I checked him out. He had a delicious looking light Chocolate skin tone that I had an affinity for. His stats were equally delectable, standing at 1.80m & weighing 86kg. But I couldn't quite figure out which Nationality he's from. I decided to probe further.

Turns out, he is a Ceylonese. Ooh, I've never had Ceylonese meat before! That got me sexcited immediately & I knew I had to have this piece of exotic brawn. I made it a mission to lure him in.

The chat went on to him talking about his fetish, so I decided to play along, knowing I'd definitely engage him. And I was right; we were soon talking about the scenario of our hook up. So basically this is how he'd like to have his fetish fulfilled. He loved swimmers in tight trunks & wanted me to dress up as one, with goggles & all, just like those guys you see in Japanese porn. Sure, anything to suit your palate, Mr Ceylon. He would then come up to my place dressed as a beach bum in sunglasses.

He said he could be at my place in 1/2 hour, so I immediately sprung to action. By the time, I was done with setting up the place, Mr Ceylon has reached just in time for a hot fuck. As he approached my unit, I took a peek & spotted a hot Chunky dude in tight tank top & surfer shorts, wearing sunglasses. As for myself, I'm already dressed as a Jap porn swimmer in my super tight white trunks that accentuated my bubbly butt.

As he approached my unit, I left the door slightly ajar & stood behind it. He eventually reached my house, pushed open the door & was greeted by this Slut posing sexily against the wall. 

Instantly he pounced on me, coming up behind me & grinded his crotch against my behinds. I felt a growing hardness against my bum as he pushed against me & kissed my neck & shoulders wildly. Wow, things are really heating up here. I need to slow things down. 

I suggested to him to take a few shots of me in that swimmer's get-up & he readily agreed; snapping away with his mobile phone. I could still see a huge tent in his beach shorts while he was shooting me. Obviously, he's really turned on by the whole scenario. 

I, on the other hand, was also curious to check out the goods underneath those loose fitting shorts. So, after awhile, I slowly crawled towards him. He was still fully clothed & wearing his sunglasses. He looked every bit like a beach dude. My eyes were fixated on the attention-grabbing bulge & I find my fingers reaching for the strings that are tied around his shorts. Frantically, I loosened the knot on the strings, gave a quick tuck & I was presented with his succulent 7.5 inches of cock.

I continued to kneel with him towering over me, hips on his waist in a manly stance. I stuck my tongue out, cupped his heavy balls & proceeded to lick while he watched. I imagined that it was literally a hot scene out of the Jap porn for him; a goggled swimmer latching hungrily on his hard tool. Yeah, fulfilling your fantasies here, Hot Stud.

I was clearly not satisfied with just sucking his thick cock, so my hands roamed upwards to his upper body, caressing it sensually. He was really well-built, with hard muscles all round that came with huge thick pecs, just like the way I like my man to be. His legs & butt were also all muscly & it was a huge pleasure for this Slut as I touched him all over. I really couldn't believe my luck that I had caught this slab of prime beef so I told myself to really enjoy it.

Mr Ceylon's Chunky Beefy Bod

Fortunately, Mr Ceylon wasn't in too much of a hurry & allowed me to enjoy his body. His black tank top was getting in the way of my hands so I lifted up the front of his tank top & placed it at the back of his neck. He looked even more heavenly with his tank top tucked in that manner & I proceeded to savour his hunky bod now that I had free access. He had really sensitive nipples & it was obviously hard-wired to his fuck stick. Whenever I played with his nipples his 7.5 incher would go from hard to rock hard. He also liked his armpits licked & would let out masculine groans whenever I did that.

Now that I knew all the hot spots on Mr Ceylon's body, it's now my mission to get him all worked up so that he would wanna fuck me. Mr Ceylon is now seated on my sofa, legs spread wide open, allowing me to get into the space in between so that I could continue to revel in his hunky bod. I went on to work, touching, licking all his G-spots with my mouth busy sucking on his extremely hefty cock. I had a little bit of problem taking it all the way in but I told myself I need to give it my best. With a little help from poppers, I managed to shove his large cock down my throat. I went on a frenzy from the high of the poppers & I was literally banging my face against his pelvis, keeping his cock tip deep down my throat.

My ploy worked cos Mr Ceylon eventually got up from the sofa, pulled me up, placed me at the edge of the sofa, covered up & gave me a good pump in my ravenous hole. Oh gosh, it felt so surreal with Mr Ceylon's massive cock sliding in & out of my wet slippery hole. I took another hit of the poppers & let the effect take me to a higher level as I relished the sensations his fuck rod was giving me.

However, due to the astounding size of his cock, Mr Ceylon would lose his hardness from time to time. No problemo, this Slut knows how to kick start that hardness & I would attack his nipples & armpits. When Mr. Ceylon is sufficiently hard enough, he would proceed to bang me senseless. 

We made out for a long time that night. What started at the living room was later moved into the bedroom & was then brought back into the living room again. In that whole time, Mr Ceylon fucked me numerous times. In between fucks, I would hit his hot spots so that he would maintain a certain level of hardness to continue humping my starved hole. Whenever, he wants to ram me, he would change into a new condom. So at the end of the fuck session, I would find multiple used condoms strewn around the house.

Oh, just so you guys are wondering, Mr Ceylon finally dumped his joy juice on my face while I was still wearing the swim goggles. In the whole time, he also made sure he had his sunglasses on. 

Who would've guesssed that a usual weekday would end up this hot?! It truly was an Unexpected Surpise.

Mr Ceylon's limp cock after he was done with me.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


In this post, I'm going to bring you readers back in time to the 1990s. It was a time when this Slut was at the prime of his youth and also the period when I've had the most sex in my life. Haha...

Anyway, I think this happened in the mid-90s. During that period, the hookup weapon of choice was the internet & the IRC was one of the most popular avenues. So, one day, I was on the IRC chatting with random guys and then this particular one caught my attention. Let's just call him Mr. C.

What struck me as special about Mr. C was that he was very eloquent in his chat to me. It wasn't the usual convo about what I was seeking, stats & preferred sexual positions. Because of his eloquence, it got me curious about him and as the chat progressed, I found out that he lived in one of the most expensive condos in the east coast at that time. That condo was famous because it was built on an exclusive reclaimed piece of land that provided an unrestricted view of the coastline. The buyers, in this case, were obviously the creme of the crop in the country. Wow, this guy must be pretty loaded & could be a very good catch, I was thinking to myself. The chat did eventually veer towards the sexual direction & that's when I discovered that he's a top who's in his late 30s, standing at 1.83 & weighing 79kg. Every detail about him was perfect & I was clearly ecstatic when he invited me over to his place.

So without much ado, I got myself dressed & hailed a cab, heading straight towards that exclusive condo. When I reached the condo, I had to provide the block & unit no of Mr. C's pad to the security at the gate & I was then ushered in. Then at the lift lobby, I had to buzz Mr. C for access to his floor & that's when I heard his voice for the 1st time. He had a very nice manly voice! My excitement shot up another level. Everything's looking very good up to this point. My heart began racing as the elevator brought me up to the level where Mr. C was waiting.

Eventually, I was at Mr. C's front door & I pressed the doorbell & waited with abated breath. It was like a scene from the movies when the door slowly swung open & Mr. C's face was finally revealed to me. Then like in the movies, I also sort of heard a loud screeching noise in the back of my head, signalling an abrupt halt to all my expectations. I know this face! I've seen it numerous times on tv when he was hosting all those various variety shows. Mr. C, you see, is a quite a popular emcee who was billingual in English & Mandarin. It was part of the reason that he is quite popular because not many show hosts were able to switch between these 2 official languages on tv. Image-wise, he had always projected himself to be a prim & proper, decent guy, always dressed impeccably in designer suits. Here comes the problem, Mr. C wasn't exactly my type when it comes down to that, though he's a TV celeb.

Well too late, I told myself. I could also see the nervousness in Mr. C's eyes as he let me in. I figure he doesn't really do this on a regular basis hence the jitters. He was dressed in nothing else but just a bathrobe. Better make the best of the trip since I'm not going anywhere else for now. I reminded myself. I began to make small talk with him, complementing him on his very nicely decorated bachelor pad. I was actually honest about the compliments. His place is spectacular! You could immedaitely tell that it belonged to a man with expensive taste. And true to hearsay, the view from his apartment was breath-taking. 

I was lost in awe admiring the amazing view from his full length glass window in the living room when I felt a pair of hands around my waist. Mr. C has sneaked up behind me & he's now got me wrapped in his embrace. Uh-oh, this signifies that he wants to get it on. Do I bolt for the door or do I allow him to ravage me? On the other hand, this was a total brand new experience to me as I've never slept with a celeb up till this stage of my life. Also, I was curious about how big his cock was as I felt it harden behind me. Mr. C was a tall giant & I was hoping his dick wold be proportionate to the rest of his body. In the end, the curiosity won & I allowed him to lead me towards his King sized bed.

Once we hit the bed, Mr. C's true colors were revealed. He was promptly stripped of his bathrobes & he literally tore my clothes off me. He was like a hungry beast, sniffing & licking me all over like I was his prized catch. His hands were also groping my youthful body everywhere. I must have been half his age then because I think Mr. C was really in his 40s although he claimed to be in his late 30s. I would have responded in kind if Mr. C was my type but alas he wasn't, so I had to put on an act simulating sexy moans. The act worked & he went on a frantic mode of ravaging my whole bod. 

Time to fulfill my curiosity. I reached down towards Mr. C crotch as he licked his way up to me. As I wrapped my fingers around his manhood, it was all hard & ready. I was however a little disappointed. Mr. C's cock was a very averaged sized 6 inch. I was expecting it to be slightly bigger given his impressive body stats. So guys, cock size is not proportionate to bod size, remember that. Haha... 

But 6" is good enough for now. Mr. C has gotten bolder now as he straddled over me & offered me his dong. Helplessly, I parted my lips and put on a show of me enjoying his lollipop. To his credit, Mr C was really into me. It's just that unfortunately I wasn't too into him. When he finally flipped me over & fucked me doggie, I was actually glad I was in this position as I didn't have to face him. But I didn't have that luxury for too long cos he soon flipped me again & fucked me missionary style. What's worse was that he wanted to kiss! I had to oblige & it wasn't an enjoyable one. Mr C was a sloppy kisser. There was too much tongue & his saliva was all over my face after awhile. Mr. C was also a talker when it comes to sex. He liked to comment on how much he enjoyed my body, how great I smelled & how I was making him feel so good etc. As mentioned before, all this talk would have been an aphrodite if I were as into him as he was into me. Now I just want the whole thing to be over! 

Thankfully, Mr. C didn't take to long to cum. As he squirted into my insides, I just grabbed him tightly & coaxed him to release every drop of his seeds. Then it was eventually all over. I hastily showered, thanked him profusely & bailed out as fast as I could. 

On hindsight, Mr C could have been a really good catch. He was tall, carried himself well in public, rich & popular. It was just too bad he wasn't really my type. He hounded me for a few more days after that for more sex but I never went back. I'm sure if I had played my cards properly, I might have ended up as Mr. C's toy boy. But the Mr. C on TV & the Mr. C in the bedroom was a total opposite. So guys, don't believe everything you see on TV. Haha... As slutty as I could get, I'm glad I kept my dignity intact & not be lured by all that fame & fortune.