Sunday, 30 December 2012


I want your Psycho
Your vertical stick
Want you in my room
When your baby is sick

This is what Lady Gaga sang in Bad Romance & it’s such an apt description of my relationship with Mr. I. 

Some months back, Mr. I. announced that he is attached again. We, however, had a clandestine hook-up just barely 2 months after he got hitched. So I kinda knew that his so-called LTR with this new bf would not last. True enough, just before 2012 ended, I got an sms from Mr. I. which announced that he had broken off with his bf. As expected also, Mr. I. wanted to hook up saying how much he missed all the fun he had with me.

On one hand, I was really pissed with Mr. I. when he treats me like a sex toy but on the other hand, I feel that we connected beyond all that sex. I’ve never felt this kind of connection with the various guys that I’ve hooked up with. So you could say Mr. I. holds a special place in my heart.

We’ve been texting each other since he announced that he’s single again. Mostly, it started with the festive greetings cos’ it was the season to be jolly. Eventually it would progress to him saying how much he missed me, blah blah blah that kinda shit. I know I should stop seeing Mr. I. but I just couldn’t stop myself!

Today, Mr. I. is at it again. He’s been texting me the whole day, leaving lovey-dovey messages & finally admitting that he’s horny. It got me so distracted at work that I relented & left work early to meet him.

This is an excerpt of the sms exchange that day:
Mr. I: Hi baby, what time you working till tonight?
Me: 7+, U?
Mr. I: Finish at 6pm, need to be home by 9pm
Mr. I: Wat time will U be home baby? Miss lying beside U & your smell
Me: Earliest 8pm
Mr. I: Can’t leave work earlier? Would really luv to see U.
Me: I’ll try to leave by 7pm
Mr. I: Ok let me know

6.45 came & I just couldn’t concentrate on work anymore, so I texted Mr. I.
Me: Leaving Office now, U still keen to meet?
After 5min, there’s no reply. Heck it! I’m just gonna go home anyway since my mind’s not on work anymore.

Got home at abt 7.15pm. As usual, I peeled off all my clothes. I was feeling so horny now, so I gave Mr. I. another text.

Me: Am home now, U still coming?

After abt 10min, Mr. I. replied:
Mr. I: Sorry just came out of the meeting, U think I shd still come over?
Me: I’m already naked. J
Mr. I: Ok get ready & see ya!
Me: I’m always ready J
Mr. I: Gr8! Am grabbin a cab now

Another 10min went by & still no sign of Mr. I.
Me: You reaching?
Mr. I: Another 10 min Baby, Wait for me naked in the living room?
Me: Sure, and?
Mr. I: Open your legs wide on the sofa
Me: Kool & wat you gonna do?
Mr. I: Wanna rim U gd!
Me: Ok J

10 min later, Mr I’s sms came in
Mr. I: I’m here

Of  course, by then I was all ready. I was sprawled on the sofa, with my legs lifted high up in the sky and that was the scene that greeted Mr. I when he pushed open the door. Without even taking off his clothes, Mr. I. lunged at me & went straight for me, he flipped me over, spread my butt & buried his face in my butt hole. Soon, I felt his tongue probing my ass hungrily. My ass felt all wet & slippery in an instant. Then Mr. I. stood up & dug out his engorged 8 incher from his trousers. Mr. I. was still fully clothed, the sight of him standing there with his hard cock sticking out of his trousers was too much for me. I immediately turned around & gave him a good hard suck. Meanwhile, Mr. I. was clumsily trying to get out of his work clothes, undoing his tie, unbuttoning his shirt & trying real hard to remove the cuff links. I had to stop sucking him & help him free himself from all those constraints.

As soon as he was totally naked, he turned me around & resumed eating my ass again. The sensation of his flicking tongue on my sensitive butt hole got me all high & I moaned uncontrollably. Next, Mr I. climbed on top of me & frantically dry humped me.  I reached for the condom & passed it to him. He bit it off with his teeth & slid the rubber onto his attention seeker. Meanwhile, I was still lying face down on the sofa. I spread my butt cheeks & started to clench my ass muscle so that Mr. I. could see real clearly my gaping hole & know how much I wanted his vertical stick in my warm enclave. Mr. I. took aim & pushed his 8 inch hot pole into my hungry gaping hole. At that moment, both of us moaned in unison & soon Mr. I. was pumping me furiously. He just went on & on in wild abandon, like this was his last fuck on earth. Wow, Mr. I. must’ve been quite sex-starved!

After awhile, I got tired of lying on the sofa so I told Mr. I. I wanted to get up. But I didn’t want him to pull out of my horny hole so we both stood up slowly with him still inside me all the while. I then told him to maneuver us so that he was sitting on the sofa & I was on top riding his hard disco stick. I supported myself on his hairy thigh & began a rhythmic rocking forth & backwards on his slippery cock. While I was rocking him, I also clenched my butt cos’ I know Mr. I. luvs a tight fit. Mr. I was panting real hard after all that frantic pumping & now he’s taking a back seat on the sofa, enjoying the sensation of my moist hole going up & down his major erection. I then slowly twisted myself around so that now I was facing him but still sitting on his enlarged prick. I pulled him towards me, placed my hands behind his neck & gave him a long deep kiss, all the while rocking myself. The kiss did it. Before long I felt Mr. I’s muscle began to all tense up & I instantly knew he was about to climax. I kissed him even harder & the next moment, I heard Mr. I’s muffled groans as he shot his hot white jizz, When I let go, Mr. I was gasping for air & grinning from ear to ear at me. :P

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


This is what I've been waiting & fantasizing about for the past few weeks. I was about to suck on this man's 7.5" cock! It was so huge & I was mesmerized by it. I must have been staring for awhile when I heard him say, 'Do you want to suck it, boy?'.

I looked up at bookstore owner but I couldn't bring myself to say yes. Mixed feelings of guilt told me I should run but the lusty stirring in my groin told me I shouldn't let such an opportunity go. In the end, all I did was nod my head.

He took my cue & placed his palm at the back of my head & led me towards his cock. As my mouth approached, he made his cock bounce by squeezing his pelvic muscles. The bouncing cock was such an invitation & I hastily opened my mouth & engulfed his cock head. My mouth was filled instantly with this hot sausage & I began to suck hungrily on it. I've done it, I told myself. I'm sucking on an adult man's cock!

So there I was, kneeling on the ground, sucking my first man cock. I didn't dare go down too deep on him as I've never sucked on such a big cock before & I knew I would gag if I went down further. But unfortunately, he chose to bend forward to grab my little perky butt at this time. As he did so, his 7.5 incher involuntarily went deeper into my mouth, it totally filled up all the space in my mouth & I started to gag.

Next the owner pulled me up so that I was standing in front of him. He unbuttoned my super-short school shorts & stripped me of it & the underwear. Now I am totally naked in front of this man. He bent down & wrapped his wet mouth on my already rock-hard boner. Ooh... I found myself helplessly moaning as I felt his lips & tongue go up & down my hard-on. I was rapidly approaching the point of climax & I needed him to stop.

I decided to take things into my hands. I pulled my cock out of his mouth, knelt down, grabbed his massive hot dog with one hand & sucked with abandon. Ah...Oh... he was moaning as I sucked on. Then, he stood up & pushed his pants & underwear to knee level to give me more access to his wonderful veiny fuck stick. He grabbed the back of my head & began to face-fuck me. In this position, I was at the mercy of his thrusting & I could feel that he was getting all horned up now. He was plunging deeper & deeper into my mouth & I was making lotsa gagging noises. It seemed to turn him on even more & he went even deeper until his entire hot cock went down my throat. I couldn't breathe at all & tears started to form in my eyes. I thought I was going to die.

Luckily for me, he decided to pull out all the way at this time & I immediately gasped for air. His whole cock is now coated with my saliva & he used the slime as a lubricant to beat his meat ferociously. "Do U want me to cum?", he waved his 7.5" glistening schlong at me. I have recovered from the gagging & nodded my head. "Come on then, boy. Let me feed you", he offered & I obediently crawled up to him. I opened my mouth & stuck out my tongue, waiting as he continued to pump his thick juice provider like a piston of a car.

"Oh man, I'm near", the store owner informed. I brought my tongue even nearer & started flicking the cock head with it, at the same time providing more lubricant for him to work on. Then I felt his chunky thigh muscles stiffen & I knew the juice will be flowing soon. 'I'm coming!', he exclaimed & pushed his cock into my mouth. My mouth was flooded with his cum instantly. It was warm & gooey & tasted slightly salty. I sucked on some more until there was no more man-juice coming out of him & then I gulped it all down.

I felt a sense of accomplishment. I've finally managed to suck on a man's cock & eaten his cum. We both got dressed & he gave me a pinch on my butt before sending me out of his shop. For the rest of my school days, I would go back to the bookshop from time to time & I would get to suck on the shop owner's massive hot cock. Needless to say, the books I rented would later become free-of charge.

Monday, 17 December 2012


When I ran out of the bookshop after cumming in my own shorts, I was truly ashamed of what had happened. I did contemplate never ever going back to the shop.

However, days passed & I find myself getting horny again. I couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if I hadn't cummed so fast. I would have gotten the chance to suck the bookshop owner's cock! A man cock! It would have been a fantasy cum true.

I told myself I gotta go back to the bookstore. Anyway, I've got some books that I needed to return or I won't be getting my deposit back. So, I find myself standing nearby the store. I had to pluck up my courage although my heart was racing like a wild horse at the thought of approaching the store owner.

When I stepped into the store, the owner was attending to some customers. Our eyes met & I quickly looked away. I went straight to the novels section & pretended to look for more novels to read. My mind was all a blank as I aimlessly pulled books off the shelves & feigned interest in them.

Then from the corner of my eyes, I saw him approaching me. This is it, I thought to myself. I must take the chance to suck his cock this time. As he came nearer, I felt that I could hear my heart palpitating... It was going boom boom, Boom Boom, BOOM BOOM!!! Next thing I know, he was standing next to me. Then he did it again, he brushed his hands against my thighs. I didn't know how to react so I just stood there & closed my eyes. With my eyes closed, the brushing sensation became even more pronounced & I feel myself getting hard.

I opened my eyes & they met his. He was smiling at me. He bent down to my ears & whispered, "Do you want to play with my kuku?". Damn, he's got me all figured out. Sheepishly, all I could manage was a timid nod of my head. That was all he needed from me as he turned around & walked to the shop front & pulled down the shutters. "We'll be back after a short break." I kinda imagined the thought bubble that popped out of his head.

He walked back to me, held my hands & led me to the payment counter & he sat himself down on the chair. He reached out & began to undo the buttons on my school uniform shirt. Slowly, each button came off & I was stripped of it. I am now half naked. He drew me close to him & began to feel me up all over. He brought his mouth to my nipples & began licking it ferociously. It was the first time that someone had licked my nipples. The slippery feeling of his tongue swirling around my nips plus the rough sensation of his moustache & beard as they brushed against me & the musky manly scent coming from him was all oddly erotic. I was very turned on but I was also scared shitless at the same time. I keep thinking, "Fuck, look at what You've brought yourself into?"

All this while I was standing there motionless as he went about kissing/licking every inch of my bod. I wasn't sure how to react, this is my 1st time getting it on with a man for Fuck's sake! He must have sensed my doubt & decided to take the lead. Next, he leaned back on his chair, legs wide apart & beckoned me to walk into the space between his legs. "Kneel down", he ordered. Obediently, I followed & went down on my knees. "Remove the buttons on my shirt", he commanded. I tried to undo the buttons but I was trembling so much partly out of fear & mostly out of an euphoric feeling that I'm gonna have sex with a grown man soon. Finally, I was done unbuttoning them buttons & his hairy chest & slight beer belly were exposed to me. "Lick my nipples", he instructed. Gingerly, I moved forward & did as I was told. He tasted a little bit salty but I was strangely attracted to it & was turned on even more.  "Twirl your tongue around the nipple". I obeyed & he let out a soft manly moan.

As I was leaning against him, my chest was on his crotch & I could feel his manhood stirring as I licked on. Eventually, I could feel a hard bulge under his trousers. It felt like a huge one! "Let me suck on that already", I was thinking to myself. He answered my prayers as he drew me up & gave me a big wet kiss. After our lips parted, my eyes were immediately drawn to the mound between his thighs. He knew I was eyeing it & granted me permission. "Go on, unzip it", he prompted smilingly. I didn't waste any time & went to work instantly. I pulled down the zipper & his grey colored underwear peeped out. However, the opening was too small as in my haste, I did not bother to unbuckle his belt. With my hands shaking excitedly, I tried my best to remove the restrictive belt and after much difficulty I finally had his fly open. I could clearly see the outline of his humongous cock underneath the underwear. Slowly, I pulled down the underwear & his 7.5" manmeat sprang out. It was the biggest cock I've ever seen so far. It was also very thick & veiny & it was cut. It was the most beautiful cock I've ever laid my eyes on. I was immediately in love with his cock.

(To Be Continued)

Monday, 10 December 2012


After I hit my teen years, the raging hormones made me even hornier. There wasn't a day that went by without me thinking about sex. My masturbation frequency was at a an all-time high, I could cum & cum & cum & yet still feel horny.

I began to search for other outlets for my sexual release. A friend introduced me to reading novels & boy! It opened up a whole new sexual world! Soon, I was reading every novel by the likes of Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins etc. I would lose myself in the various exotic scenarios of sexual acts depicted in the novels. I learned so many terms to describe a man's cock; manhood, man-meat, member, schlong, dick, hose, cum-spewing serpent, juice-head etc etc. I began to fantasize that I was the heroine in the novels submitting wholely to the hunky heroes. I wanted so bad to be fucked by a fully grown up man. 

This hobby led me to frequent a book rental shop that is near my school. I would spend many afternoons after school, reading up on all these sexual novels. Sometimes, when I liked it enough, I would rent them home to read & wank myself off while I was at it.

The owner of the book rental shop was a middle-aged Arabian man. He was stockily built, with big fore-arms, hairy chest & sported a moustache. From the books that I was renting, I guess he figured out that I was a sex-starved kid. I remember one afternoon there was no one in the shop, he came up to talk to me, on the pretext of recommending me books to read. He handed me a few novels & told me they were good reads. As I stood there, I felt his hands brushing against my thighs. I was wearing shorts for my uniform then & the trend back then was to wear it really short. Of course, My school shorts was trendily tiny as well.

It soon dawned on me that the brushing was not an accidental one when I repeatedly felt it. My heart was pounding like mad. This man is trying to seduce me! Visions of me sucking on a grown man's cock began to fill my mind & I got even more sexcited. Yes, this could be my 1st chance to suck a grown man's dick! I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do next. The more he touched me, the more I could feel my own meat throbbing under my shorts. Shit, I was getting a hard-on!

The owner took my frozenness & the tent in my shorts to mean that I wasn't rejecting him. This made him bolder & he led me to the back of the store where we are obscured from public view. While there, he grabbed my crotch & rubbed his palm all over my white school uniform shorts. I felt like I was going to die, my heart was racing at a rate that I've never experienced before. Fuck, I'm gonna have sex with a grown man soon, I was thinking at the back of my head.

Next, I felt the bookstore owner's fingers slipping under the opening of my school shorts. He peeled my shorts side-ways so that my balls were exposed. Gingerly, he used his nails to tickle my balls & I instantly felt waves cruising all over my body. Oh man, being touched by an adult man is so different from being touched by someone who's my peer. All those sexual scenarios I read about in the novels came rushing back to me. Oh yeah, let me submit to you, Daddy.

By now I was already hyperventilating. I was breathing so fast like I had just finished a 100 meters dash. I dread the moment where the owner will try to release my pulsating red meat from its stronghold that is my puny school short. Which is what he's trying to do at this moment. His fingers went underneath my underwear, took hold of my hard-on & tried to lure it out into the open.

It was all too much for me to handle. Oh fuck, I am going to cum! Oh fuck!!! Next thing I knew, I blasted my thick white teenage juice in my shorts. I was immediately embarassed by the fact that I had cummed in my own shorts, I ran out of the book shop.

On the way home, I was so guilt-ridden & the wet sticky mess at my crotch served as a constant reminder of the shameful situation I had put myself into. I told myself I would never go back to that shop again but I would eat my words later.

More on that next time.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


I had a free afternoon today, so I decided that I'll try to hit the sauna earlier & check out the day crowd since I've never done it before. But there is something else I gotta take care of; my bubble butt. I hit the gym 1st, doing lotsa squats; working the glutes so that my butt is all pumped & rounded. Before i left the gym, I took off all my clothes & had a final look of my bubble butt in the locker room mirror. I was satisfied. I'll be walking around naked, so the butt had to look good.

Reached the sauna at about 4pm. Wow, it was already quite crowded. Excitement! The crowd was mostly mature guys from late 30s onwards. Hmm... So these are the ones that hit the saunas in the day. The nude theme hasn't started & guys were going around wrapped in their towels. Quickly had a shower & started recceing, excitement turned to disappointment rapidly when I couldn't find anyone that interested me enough to fuck. I mean, I luv mature men but I prefer them muscular & beefy. What I've seen so far were pretty out-of-shape guys or simply scrawny types.

Luckily at about 5.30pm, I laid my hands on a Stocky built dude. I figured he must also be in his late 30s but because he's got a baby face, he looked much younger. Felt him up & my hands went under the towel. Woah, he's already hard! Not massive, about 5inches. Well, I don't really have much of a choice at this point of time plus I liked his boyish face so I decided to take him & we went into a room.

Once in the room, we kissed wildly. He obviously liked kissing & the more I kissed him back, the more turned on he became. He went from kissing me to licking me all over & he even went down on me. Sucking me with such fervent. I responded in kind & returned the favour. I think we were going at it for at least half an hour becos I heard the staff of the sauna going round announcing the start of the nude theme. (Nude theme starts at 6pm).

By now, I was so hungry for a fuck & I asked him to take me. He readily agreed & raised my feet up in the air & tried to enter me. But becos he's a little short down there, he was having trouble accessing my hole. I suggested to switch around so that I'm on top & squatting over his hardened Jalepeno. From this position, I'm able to open my hole wider & allow him to penetrate deeper. I could also control how deep I wanted him inside me. In this instance, it was obvious I needed him all the way in. I was literally sitting on him & rocking my sexy butt on his stiffened cock. His 5incher was finally able to hit my G-spot in this situation & we kissed again while I rocked him.

After awhile he decided that he wanted to take over control, so he asked me to get down into a doggie position. I obediently did so & spread my juicy butt apart to allow him easy access. He aimed his compact dick at my gaping hole & pushed forward. Then he went on to pump my lubed-up ass relentlessly. I guess maybe he knew he was lacking in the length department, he tried to make it up in other areas. Hence he was going on like an Energizer bunny. He showed no signs of slowing down at all. I, on the other hand, was totally enjoying the motor-speed sensation that he has caused in my insides & his deep thrusting is constantly hitting my g-spot. I could feel my cum welling up & I knew that I would explode soon. I was in a dilemma. Should I prolong the piston-like sensation or should I just allow the juices to flow? In the end, I gave in to the senses my body was feeling as I clenched my butt muscles tight & allowed my jizz to erupt. I spurted my load and it formed a white trail on the black leather mattress. He was still thrusting like there's no tomorrow after I came, so I was waiting for him to climax but he never did. I had to stop him after awhile as my urge to pee was getting stronger with every jab of his hot Jalapeno. I asked him if he wanted to cum but he said it's ok cos' it's hard for him to do so. So we bade our farewells & I headed straight for the showers. I never saw him again after this, so I figured he left.

After the shower, I realized that the Nude theme was in full force & guys were walking around butt-naked. Spotted a few newcomers & some of them looked yummylicous! However, becos I had juz cummed. I decided to chill & go for a cigarette break instead. About half an hour passed by & I decided that I shouldn't miss out on all the fun that's happening upstairs. I made my way to the 3rd level where they had another area with sofas. 30 secs after I stepped into the area, another hunk came in. He looked like he was in his 20s. Nice gym-toned bod & handsome face. Wow, I've got to lay my paws on him! He went to sit on one of the sofas. As he sat down he used his hands to cover his privates so i coudn't check out his package. I took the chance to take the seat next to him. No movements from him, so i waited. But very soon there was a crowd gathered around us. The hunk, seeing that he's got an audience now, put his hands behind his head & spread his legs open so that his cock is free-for-all to see. It was obviously a welcome sign to whoever that dared to make the 1st move. One of the guys from the audience made that 1st move & started touching the hunk. Slowly his hands went for the hunk's cock & started to massage it. Soon, the hunk's cock was hard & there were even more people crowding around us. 

I was infuriated. This hunk is mine! No one is gonna take him away from me!!! I sprang into action & leaned close to the hunk & began licking his nipples. My hands went to his engorged cock & began a fight with the other guy for the hunk's member. Eventually, this slut decided to step it up as I knelt down in front of the hunk's wide-spread legs & gave him a wet loud slurpy suck. By now, everyone in the crowd wanted a piece of the action & hands were all over me & the hunk. The situation was getting quite out of hands but I never gave up & continued to own the hunk's cock with my wet mouth. Fortunately, it got to a point where the hunk got irritated with all the attention & he dragged me into one of the rooms.

Ah... pure bliss finally. This hunk is all mine now. He liked to play the quiet dominant role & I was happy to be his slut. Without saying a word, He pushed me down on my knees & offered his 6incher to my mouth. I willingly slurped it all up. He just stood there while I took the chance to lick his gym-bod all over, always ending up kneeling in front of his steel-hard cock & worshipping him from down below. I think he liked it cos' he eventually grabbed my head & forced the whole of his 6inches right down my throat. Yeah, take me Master, I'm willing to be your Slave. I tried to open up my throat as much as possible so that I don't gag but it was unavoidable. Tears started forming in my eyes from all that gagging but to me they were tears of joy. Haha...

After a long while, just as my neck was starting to ache from giving him all that head, he mercifully whipped out a condom. Oh yeah Master, fuck me Master! Silently, he went behind me & made me bend down on doggie position. There was no lube, so I used my saliva to wet my waiting hole. I made sure it was all wet & slippery for him and then he entered me. He didn't make any sound right up to now but I couldn't care less. I was enjoying myself & I will moan if I like. So I started moaning like a cat in heat & I was writhing my butt like a sexy kitten while he fucked me. He must have liked it cos' it wasn't too long before he shot his hot load. As he pulled out of my ass & took off the cum-filled condom, I hurled myself at his cock & sucked off the remaining man-juice. It tasted so sweet & he shuddered a bit as I slurped on. He was drained but he managed a hug & left the room.

Well, I should be satiated by now after being fucked by 2 hot guys right? But no, this greedy slut will not let go of any chance to hook up with another hot guy. There were still guys lingering around & it was still quite early anyway. So I decided to stay on & see if I could score another one. Not long after, I spotted one with spiky gelled-up hair. His bod wasn't too bulky but he had a manly aura about him which I liked. He's also got a nicely trimmed goatee. However, he was quite elusive cos I lost sight of him a few times. Eventually, I caught him standing outside one of the empty rooms & I went to stand beside him. I started touching him & soon we were hugging each other. I felt him up below, nice size of about 6.5" but not very hard. Then he led me into the empty room. Once inside, he kissed my passionately all over, rubbing his goatee on my face, my neck, my chest & my nipples. The sensation of his facial hair on my body turned me on & I was hard instantly. However, when I went down on him to try to get him hard, he remained quite limp. That's when I found out that he had already cummed twice. So we decided to slow things down & we began making small talk while hugging each other. It was also nice to just cuddle. Through the chat, I discovered that he's got his own business & that he's already 45. He does look younger tho', probably around the late 30s.

Time passed & I decided to try to get him hard again so I went down on him. This time round, he was ready cos' he got hard fairly quickly. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I've seen. Very straight with well rounded head & practically hairless smooth balls. The unfortunate thing is, we didn't have any condoms with us. So I decided that I'll get one from the sauna staff & not waste the chance of having this beauty in my hot ass. Hastily I sped downstairs, asked for a condom & lube & raced back upstairs to look for Mr. Goatee.

We started the foreplay all over again & I managed to get him hard once more. Then he turned violent on me & started biting my nipples & slapping my butt. Ooh... so he likes it rough! He lifted up my legs in the air, put on the condom & went straight for my un-lubed ass. It was quite painful without the lube as he pushed thru'. Lucky for me, I think my ass was already quite relaxed since I was fucked by 2 guys before this. So it was actually quite ok after he got his 6.5" meatloaf into my crevice. Mr. Goatee fucked me violently, nibbling on me as he did so while I wimpered both in pain & pleasure. His fuck was so hard that it made popping sounds as he slammed on my bubble butt. With each slam, I responded with a yelp. We were tearing the house down but we didn't care.

As he was nearing the rupture point, Mr. Goatee suddenly pulled out & asked me to sit on his lap. Our cocks were facing each other in this position. He asked me to jerk myself & he did the same too. He wanted us to cum together. Then he ejaculated. When I saw the white hot essence spewing out of his perfect looking cock, I followed. It was my 2nd cum but I came loads & both mine & Mr. Goatee's sap formed a big pool around his crotch area. Mr. Goatee was super sensitive after the eruption & he was twitching everytime my fingers caressed his bod. We ended up going for supper together.

Not too bad for a daytime Sauna romp. Maybe I should consider going earlier next time!

The Wonderful Suckable cock of Mr. Goatee.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


I was still at Hyundae, taking a breather after fucking that hot manly crew-cut bottom. There was a big TV room with a sofa on the 2nd level & I decided that wd be the perfect place to chill & have a cig. Halfway thru' my cig, I spotted a chunky dude with those Yakuza-looking Tattoos all over his back. He looked like a wild top & I would've sprung into action in usual circumstances. However, b'cos I'd juz cummed, I wasn't particularly horny yet. I decided to wait & see.

He caught me eyeing him too & made his way to the 3rd flr where all the beds were. I was asking myself if I shd follow & decided against it. After maybe abt 15min later, I saw him coming down from the 3rd flr. Immediately, our eyes locked. He still has that on-the-prowl look on him & I knew that he's not satiated yet. He went on to the 1st level.

Minutes later, he walked up again. This time round, he was naked & holding a towel to cover his crotch. He walked to the sofa where I was, sat down on the adjacent armchair on my right & started lighting up his cig. His crotch was still covered by his towel, so I couldn't make out how big his cock was. He just sat there smoking, all the while he was aware I was eyeing him back. Then with his other hand, he deliberately went to his crotch & grabbed it. Now, he's got me horny & I decided to return the favor & grabbed mine too. So there we were, watching each other fondling our own dicks. I could see he was getting hard.

Eventually he let the towel fall off to reveal a hard 5.5" hot rod. His uncut plum red cock head was all filled & throbbing. He then gave me a come-hither look & nodded at me. It was an obvious invitation & I crawled over to him. I knelt down in front of his wide-spread legs & cupped his balls in my hands. I tickled the balls with my fingers & he arched his back as if inviting me to take ownership of his hard cock. I had grown a goatee & moustache & I used them to rub against his cock head. The friction must have heightened the sensation on his cock & he arched his back even more, letting out manly grunts. Next he grabbed my head & shoved his hard-on into my mouth & started face-fucking me. I obliged & sucked on hungrily.   

Minutes went by & I felt I need to have this burly guy fuck me. So I stood up & led him upstairs to the 3rd level. We found a spot & I quickly knelt down & continued sucking his red hot rod. Then I stood up, went behind him & started licking his whole tattooed back all the while jerking him with my hands. His Yakuza-inspired tattoos were such a turn-on for me & I was glad he turned out to be the manly top that I had hoped for. I was all ready to submit to him. Next, he turned around & pushed me down on the bed. He whipped out a condom & bit off the wrapping with his teeth. He rolled the condom onto his 5.5" stick, grabbed my legs, rested them on his shoulders & entered me. He started thrusting slowly at first then increasing the tempo till it was like motor speed & then he slowed down & picked up speed again. It was such a great fuck & I was really enjoying it. He wasn't very hung but he sure knows how to fuck! He slowly manouvered himself so that we are in a missionary position. Him at a push-up postion & me lying on the bed with my legs up in the air. He went on to pump into my hot ass again & becos of the position that he's at, he was able to plunge real deep. With every pump, he hit my G-spot & sent me into fuck heaven. I put my arms aound his neck, brought my mouth close to his & we kissed. It felt great kissing him while feeling his hard cock sliding in & out of my wet hole. I luv the way he alternated the tempo while he fucked.

Eventually he picked up the tempo again & he was hammering hard into my ass. He was biting down on his teeth & grunting. I knew then that he was working himself up to the grand climax. I clenched my butt muscles to give him a tighter grip & before long he let out a loud groan & collapsed on top of me. I hugged him tightly & kissed him all over. He was breathing rapidly & we stayed in that position, hugging each other until his breathing returned to normal. That's when we kissed each other goodbye.  

The Sexy Back of the Tattoed Top

Monday, 29 October 2012


With the recent K-wave craze happening all over the world, I decided that I'll visit Seoul for my annual break this year. So this slut hauled his bubbly butt all the way to Seoul for 2 weeks.

Below is an account of my encounters with the Hot Kimchis in the saunas I visited:

The 1st sauna was GM Sauna in Dongdaemun. The forums I read all indicated that this is the one to go to if I were looking for Mature Beefy Bearish types. So I went with much anticipation cos' these are the types that I really adore. It was a weekday night & I got there slightly after midnite. The sauna is in a dilapidated building. Oh oh, not a good sign. After I stepped into the sauna, more disappointment hit me. There were at most about 5 people around & most were already asleep. Spotted a rather beefy one brushing his teeth, looked like he is also preparing to go to bed. Stalked him a bit & waited till he found a spot to sleep. I slowly crept up & touched his thigh. Mmm... very thick thighs & no resistance from him. Encouraged, I moved my hands further up north & went for the cock. It was just half hard, quite small, about 4 inches. Ok, maybe he's a grower, I half-said to myself & proceeded to jerk him. Soon, I got him all hard & it was maybe... 5 inches max. Uh oh, sorry pal, need to abolish the mission.

I moved on to another guy that was sleeping. His cock was exposed & it looked promising in its unaroused state. Crept up & had a closer look at his face. Hmmm... Not my cup of tea, mission aborted again!

Sleeping a few mattresses away was another one, all wrapped up in the blanket. I couldn't figure out anything in his wrapped up state. But heck, I don't have a lot of choices tonight, so I went up to him & peered really close in the limited lighting. He has a very manly side profile & looks quite yummy. I put my hands under the covers & felt him up. Hmm... His arms & thighs were quite firm. Built-wise, he's not exactly beefy but medium built. He was really sound asleep & was unresponsive to my touch. My fingers moved downwards & touched his manhood. Good, already quite a handful in its deflated state. I proceeded to work my magic with my fingers & quickly his dick sprang to life on its own. It was a good 5.5-6". Ok this is it, I told myself. I'm gonna take him. I went under the sheet & engulfed my hungry mouth around his erection & sucked hard. Soon, I felt some stirring. I've woken him up. In his half-awake state, he did not reject my advances & I got bolder. I peeled off his blanket to expose his bod underneath. He was wearing a robe that the sauna provided. I untied the knot at his waist & revealed his naked bod. It was good enough, he had quite a firm bod I guess from doing sports cos' it definitely wasn't bulky like those gym bunnies.

I went back to sucking the hard-on down below as I could sense it needed my attention. He just laid there & allowed me to do whatever. I bet it's cos' he was still sleepy & too tired to return the favor. But it was ok, I was sucking like a happy baby attached to a mother's nipple. After awhile, I decided that my ass also needed some attention, so I lubed myself up, put a condom on his hard vein & guided it into my warm slippery hole. I am now squatting over him & sliding my hole up & down his shaft while he was still lying there, watching my every move.

Then he started moving, thrusting his hips & rocking in rhythm with my sliding ass. I knew now that he's awake so I stopped moving & allowed him to thrust. I couldn't help but let out sexy moans & this made him pump even harder into my wet crevice. I have finally been fucked by a Kimchi!

Now that he is fully awake, I pulled him up from his lying position so that he is now sitting on the floor & me still squatting over his hard-on. I hugged him tight in this position & rocked myself on him. I began to kiss him all over; the face, the neck, nibbled his ears & his shoulders. While I was hugging him, my own cock was sandwiched between his bod & mine. With each thrust, my foreskin was stimulated & it sent waves of pleasure all thru' my bod.

Perhaps it's cos' of the notion that this is my very 1st Kimchi fuck. I was really turned on & I found myself unable to hold back anymore. I was soon spurting my hot cream all over his bod. After I came, I apologised for making a mess & he said it's ok. Oh, he speaks English! We cleaned up & he made his way to the showers. I followed cos' I was really curious to see how he looks like. He wasn't particularly good-looking but had a manly face & I liked it enough. We smiled at each other after we're done with our showers & I decided to call it a night as there really wasn't much left to desire.

2nd sauna I hit was Hyundae in Itaewon. By comparison, this one is way better in terms of the facilities & much cleaner. It was also a weekday & the crowd was quite thin. No more than 20 guys I guess. Went upstairs after I was changed into the shorts given by management. There were rooms but no doors, only curtains. So it's basically a free-for-all to anyone who wants to play.There were already some people fucking in various rooms & the moans were getting me all hornied up.

Spotted a crew-cut guy with tattoos & rather toned bod. He was all naked except for a small towel in his hand which he used to cover his crotch. I followed & he caught my eyes. He led me to one of the mass-play room & waited inside. I went in & stood by the entrance. Next, he walked over & rubbed his butt on my crotch as he walked out. Alright, a direct invitation for me to fuck him. I caught up with him & grabbed his naked butt. He stopped in his track & I hugged him from behind. My fingers went for his nipples & tickled them. He let out a loud moan, obviously liking it. My hands then went back down to his butt & spread it open. Wow, this guy is already all lubed up! He is really asking to be fucked. I began to push him towards one of the beds all the while hugging him from behind.

Once at the bed, he turned around & pushed me down onto the bed. He was playing with his cock, I touched it but it was all soft. Could he be on something? He looked turned on but his dick isn't even hard. Well, doesn't bother me. He straddled me, all ready for me to insert my cock into his wet waiting hole. I put on my condom & plunged in. He moaned again & begged me to tickle his nipples again. He was really a slut after this, it was a far cry from the crew-cut manly guy I spotted earlier on. But it's ok. So long as we're both enjoying the fuck was what mattered. He liked his nipples played with. The more I did it, the sluttier his moans became and soon we have a couple of guys standing around the bed watching.

It was then that I decided that I'll take over the reign. I got up from the bed, made him go on a doggie position & gave him a good hard pump. I treated him like a how a slut liked to be treated. I pushed his head down onto the pillow with my hands while I plunged & plunged. He wimpered but I knew he was playing the role of a slutty bottom to a T. I slapped his butt hard as I rode on & he yelped co-operatively with every slap. The couple of guys that were watching were now turned on by the scene & started to touch us both while jerking off.

Then I felt him clenching his butt muscle. The gripping of his ass muscle heightened the sensation on my cock head & I worked myself up to the climax & spurted my jizz while still inside his warm sexy hole. After I came, I pulled out & he clung on to me jerking furiously. That was a sign he wanted to cum too so I obliged & licked his nipples. It sent him into the throes of ecstasy & soon I felt him go into spasms as he shot his own cum. We went down to shower after this & that's when I had a good look at him. He was all shy all of a sudden & smiled sheepishly at me. Hmm... he still doesn't look like a bottom to me. Haha....

Well, guess I'll stop here for now. Stay tuned for more adventures in Kimchi-land. :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


When I was 11, I started playing with a classmate, W. One thing led to another & soon we were experimenting with each other's body.

I am now 12 & we've now progressed to sucking each other's cocks. We are still pre-pubes & we don't get a hardon when we are aroused. That is until now...

It is near to the PSLE, a milestone in every primary school kid's life. So, both W & I have been spending even more time together after school, practically everyday. This has resulted to even more 'play' time with each other. For a school kid, I must say that W is a horny bastard. He is usually the one who initiated that we 'play' together. Though sometimes I don't feel like it, I still give in eventually.

It was like any other day after school today. We were locked up in his room, preparing for the upcoming PSLE. Halfway thru', W looked at me & immediately I knew what he wanted. He gave me a mischievous grin & reached over to touch my thigh. He slid his fingers up & down my thighs & I felt a stirring in my groin. I was still not wearing any underwear at that age & soon there was a tent in my school shorts. It was then that i realised that I'm having my 1st hard on! W was amused too. He fingers went inside the seam of my school shorts & freed my throbbing cock from its restrain.

W: Wow! Your cock is hard!
Me: Yeah! Wow....
W: Does this mean U are a big boy now?
Me: Erm... I dunno...
W: It's so big!
Me: .... ( I really didn't know what to say cos' I was in awe of my own hardon too)
W: Let's go play on the bed. I wanna suck U.
Me: Ok ok!

Quickly, we shed our school uniforms & we were laying in bed stark naked. W still havn't experienced his 1st hardon so his dick was still limp. My cock, on the other hand, was so hard that it felt kinda painful, it's so engorged with blood that it felt like it was gonna explode anytime. W is now an experienced 'player', he was licking me all over & his hands were gripping my meat & giving it a good beating. It was such a heady feeling & I just closed my eyes to enjoy the waves of pleasure that's rushing through my body with every jerk of W's hands.

Slowly, W turned himself around on the bed so that now we're in a 69 position.

W: I'm going to suck your hard cock now.
Me: Mmmm... (I nodded as that's all I can manage then, the pleasure was choking me.)

I watched as W opened his mouth & wrapped that plum-red sausage with his lips. Then his lips began to slide up & down the shaft & I felt his moist tongue swirling around my cockhead. It was heavenly! Involuntarily, I began to thrust my hips, trying to pump my cock deeper into W's mouth & W gagged.

Me: Oops, sorry sorry. It was too shiok, I couldn't help it.
W: It's ok. I kinda like it. This is so different from sucking a soft cock. It's like sucking a Sng-Bao. Just that this one is hot!
(A Sng-Bao was a flavoured ice-stick that kids in my generation liked to suck on.)
Me: So I can continue to push in deeper in your mouth?
W: No! U trying to kill me? Be gentle ok?
Me: Ok... Continue sucking my didi then. It felt damn good.

So with that, W resumed his sucking & since his limp cock was next to my mouth, I took it in & sucked on it too. At the back of my mind, I was wondering how it would be like if W's cock got hard as well. The thought was quite erotic & it enhanced the stirring down there. It wasn't too long that I could feel the climax approaching & I stopped sucking on W to take a breather. However, W was still working on my hardened stick & I couldn't hold back anymore. I felt the high of my orgasm coming & then it happened.

I let out a loud moan & shot my 1st jist of my sperm into W's mouth! W was also caught off guard & quickly released my sperm-spewing cock from his mouth. The remainder of my sperm landed all over; on W's face, on my bod & even on the bedsheet!

Me: Oh shit! Sorry sorry!!! I didn't know this will happen!
W: Eewww!!!

Luckily there was a tissue box in his room & we quickly cleaned up the mess, with me apologising profusely all the time.

W: I hope there is no stain after this dries up on my bed.
Me: Sorry...
W: Well, no point crying over spilt milk. So, U really are a big boy now! You have sperm now!
Me: Haha... I'm sure it will be your turn soon (smiling sheepishly)
W: Yeah, I can't wait for mine to get hard & have my revenge on you!
Me: Woah, haha.... So, how did my sperm taste like?
W: Not nice one. It was a bit salty & a bit fishy smelling
Me: Ewww!!!

And we both laughed out loud.

W couldn't be more wrong. He became so obssessed with my hardon & sperm that he would pester me even more in the coming days to 'play' with him. To keep from messing up his bed, he went on to swallow my sperm whenever I came. Eventually, he had his 1st hardon & 1st cum too. For a 12 year old, I must say that W is pretty hung. It was easily at least a 6.5" when he's hard.

We lost contact after we graduated from Primary 6 & we went to different Secondary School. My Secondary School life took on another turn as I hit my teens & the raging teenage hormones took over. But that's another story I guess.

Stay tuned for My Teenage Horny Days. :P

Thursday, 13 September 2012


A few days ago, I received an anonymous sms. It was from a China money boy, asking if I'd be keen to use his service. He has a webpage too, so I clicked in to have a look.

This is what I saw:

I liked what I saw, especially this 3rd Pic that sorta suggests he is very Hung. Yumz!

The Slut in me couldn't resist & I started flirting with him via SMS. After a few exchanges, he took the initiative to call me. He sounded friendly enough on the phone. So, I agreed on a mutual price & he made his way over.

Half an hour later, he appeared at my door. He's very tall! At least 1.8m & above. Bod-wise he's not as toned as what appeared in the pic but i'm more keen to find out the package down there. So, I invited him into my bedroom. Once in the room, he said he needed a shower & quickly shed off all his clothes. He sure is not shy! Then I caught a glimpse of his flaccid dick. Woah, it already is quite substantial in its unaroused state.

While he's in the shower, I peeled off my clothes too & laid face down on my bed with only my sexiest jock strap. Soon, he was done with his shower & walked butt naked into my room. He climbed on top of me & started touching me all over, kissing & licking me at the same time. Then he laid on top of me & started to dry hump me. I could immediately feel his aroused cock poking at my man-hole. It was too much for me to lie there & do nothing.

I turned around & kissed him & took the chance to feel him up down there. Gosh, I wasn't disapppointed. That hard pipe was at least 7.5" & very thick! I couldn't help making a gasp & he smiled back at me. "You're so big", I exclaimed. In return, he modestly replied that he's just alrite. Aww....

We went into foreplay mode, kissing & licking each other. He liked to suck on my nipples & that got me hornier. Then I slowly worked my way down to his beautiful schlong & engulfed it with my mouth. Instantly, I felt my whole mouth being filled up cos of the thickness of his shaft. It was, as they say, quite a mouthful!

I went on to work on his 7.5 incher, trying to take as much as I can possibly suck on. I couldn't go all the way down cos it's juz too thick for me to swallow in. He, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying it & started moaning.

I didn't know how long I was sucking on him when he reached for the condom on the side table, grabbed the lube & started to oil my hole up. Yeah, he wants in. True enough, he asked to fuck me, to which I pleaded that he'd be gentle. He suggested that I sit on him so I could have more control. What a gentleman!

I stood up & straddled him, positioned myself on top of his up-pointed member & slowly inserted that wonderful cock into my horny wet crater. There was a moment of pain as I felt my ass muscle being forced apart by that massive man meat. He began to start pumping & I couldn't help grimacing in pain as I've not grown accustomed to the size. I told him to go slow & he naughtily did the opposite & plunged deeper. Ouch! I cried & he gave me a mischievous smirk.

So there I was, squatting on his huge member & he was just sitting on the bed. I was able to hug him in this position & i proceeded to kiss him. I rocked myself on this well hung dude, slowly getting accustomed to the euphoric feeling of having a chunky sausage sliding in & out of my slippery hole.

After a while he pushed me onto the bed & began to fuck me missionary style. He pumped so deep that I could feel his cock head hitting my pelvic bone. It was both painful & pleasurable at the same. I had to ask him to stop a few times cos' I couldn't take it. Everytime I requested that he stop, he had that notti smirk on his face. It was annoyingly cute cos he looked so confident.

He went on to fuck me in all kinds of positions: doggy, scissors style, me on my back, me on my stomach etc. There was a full length mirror in front of my bed & it provided a sensual view for me as watched him in action. He was such a stud!

Eventually, he announced that he was near to blowing his hot load & asked me where I'd like him to shoot. I instructed him to expel it on my butt & he readily followed. It was such a sexy sight to see his seeds sprayed all over my hump.

He stayed on in bed after cumming & allowed me to cuddle up. This I felt was really comforting as I can sense he's not out to make a quick buck but to provide a good service to his clients. I think he'll be quite popular if he maintains this standard of service. Also, I guess he was comfortable with me as I didn't treat him as a money boy but as a fellow human being.

Still can't get over that juicy, veiny monster cock now that I'm writing this down. Slurp!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yummy Ghurkhas

Spotted these 2 cute Ghurkhas and couldn't resist snapping them. Check out the HUGE bulge below! I would gladly offer my sweet ass for them to fuck.

Any of U readers had fun with Ghurkhas before? Feel free to share your experience here. Or U could recommend your Ghurkha friend to this Gayslut perhaps?

Sunday, 19 August 2012


After my session with the drunk bottom, I went downstairs to shower & take a smoke break. Also, to recover from all the sexual activity just now.

Just as I was finishing up the cigarette, I spotted someone. He's a beefy guy in his early 20s. I've seen him in a previous visit before. He's quite good-looking, boyish & with a nice meaty huggable bod. His cock is a sizeable & thick veiny 6.5". I know because this guy likes group fun. In the previous visit, he was just standing in an open area & other guys all swarmed around him, trying to get a piece of him. I had briefly touched him during that 1st encounter. 

This time round, there was only me & him. Directly opposite where I was smoking is the steam room. Our eyes met & the next thing he did was whip out his chunky package from under the towel wrapped around him & stroking it in full view for me to see. It was an obvious invitation so how could I not succumb to it? Even though i wasn't really horny after I've cummed. 

He walked into the steam room & I followed. I found him sitting fully naked in the steam room. His heavy dick was already erected, demanding attention for what was to cum. I knelt in front of him & immediately put that sweet member of his in my mouth. He's wearing a cock-ring & it made his meat glistening red & rock hard. He began moaning loudly as I began to work on his cock. Then he got up, stood on the seat & started ferociously mouth fucking me. The more he grunted & thrusted, the more i tried to take it all in but it was quite difficult not to choke on that thick piece of hot meat. I tried my best not to gag. After awhile, the rising temperature of the steam room became too hot for us to bear. That's when he called for a stop & walked out. It was a pity he didn't cum cos' I would have gladly drank every last drop of what he had to offer.

Feeling unfulfilled, I decided to go back to the cruising area upstairs. I needed a fuck really badly now. Not long after walking around, something caught my attention. He's a single eyelidded mature guy probably around mid to late 30s. I have a weakness for guys with single eyelids & I told myself I had to have him. He was clearly one of the more popular ones at this time of the night (2am) & I see many guys trying to cruise him. This is going to be a challange.

My opportunity came when I caught him standing at a corner. There was another guy feeling him up already. I decided to join in. He wasn't hard yet, so I attacked his nipples & lightly tickled his balls. The other guy was licking his other nipple & stroking his cock. Soon, he was all hard, a good-sized 6". Slowly, I manouvered myself to fight for more space & was eventually hugging & kissing him, body to body. The other guy was eventually ignored by him. Yes! Got ya!

I wanted him all to myself & so I pulled him into one of the rooms. He was a really nice & gentle fucker. He took his time & wasn't in a hurry to cum. We kissed, licked, sucked each other for a long time before he eventually entered me. He rocked me slowly, it felt like we were making love & not just purely fucking. When he finally came, we just laid there & chatted. It's quite rare to find someone that connects in the Saunas & I was happy to stay. We proceeded downstairs afterwards for a smoke & chatted even more. Then he bid his goodbye cos it was quite late already.

It was already about 4am now & I really should go too. But problem is, I'm still horny & I wanted to cum for a 2nd time. Ok one last round, I told myself. If I don't find anyone, I'll head home. So off I went upstairs again.

There wasn't much people left which is expected cos it's really quite late already. Just as I was about to give up, I bumped into another guy cos I didn't see him. Immediately i said sorry & when I turned around, he was smiling at me. Mmm... this one is nice! I was caught off-guard by the smile & could only smile back. Then he walked away. 

Shit! Why didn't I grab him? I have to find him again! It wasn't too difficult now that the crowd has thinned out & I soon spotted him again. He must have just come in as I didn't see him earlier on in the night. Post-clubbing cruising perhaps? If that's the case, I bet he'll be quite horny. I approached him & gave him my 1000 watt smile. He smiled back. Bingo!

I moved in & started touching him. He is so tough all over! A real muscular bear, my ultimate favourite type. My hands made its way down & checked out his package. Woah, he's already hard & must have been at least a good 6", quite a handful too. Nice thickness! No time to waste, into the rooms we went.

Once inside, our towels went off quickly & I knelt down & worshipped him. My mouth sucking hungrily & my hands grabbing everywhere; his firm bubble butt, his massive pecs,  his bulky biceps. I licked him all over too. He was evidently just as horny & made manly grunting sounds which turned me on even more. Soon, he decide to take over the reigns & put me in a doggie position on the bed. And then he entered me & started pounding away. His cock felt so good in my ass & i couldn't help moaning. Then he flipped me over & fucked me missionary style. I clung on to him like a monkey while he continued banging deep into my man pussy. He pounded so hard that the whole bed started making creaking noises. I followed up with loud moans of pleasure. I think the whole sauna could hear us but I didn't care. I was having the time of my life, submtting fully to this wonderful Muscle Bear. 

With every thrust, I could feel his cock hitting my G-spot & I could feel my cum welling up. I clinged on to him even harder so that my cock was sandwiched between his & my bod. The friction of his bod on my cock sent waves all over my body & soon I was spurting my hot cum. When he saw that I came, He withdrew his cock & positioned it on my lips. I opened my mouth & welcomed his cock in. He went on to face fuck me & then he came, I could feel his sweet juice sliding down my throat as I swallowed. There was a lot of juice, i couldn't swallow everything in time & some leaked out thru the corner of my mouth.

I found out from our after fuck chit-chat that he got in this late cos' he was feeling horny after having a few drinks at a Karaoke pub. I'm also glad that I made that last effort or I would have missed out on another mouth full-filling fuck!

Pic of the Muscle Bear who last fucked me

Thursday, 9 August 2012


I've been extremely horny recently & I blame it on the Olympics. I've been ogling at all those Sexy athletes during this period & It's stoking my sexual fire.

So I find myself in the sauna for a consecutive 2nd week, the only place where I can fulfill my desire for multiple fucks. What better way to enjoy a pre-National Holiday!

It was a Leather/Jockstrap or Nothing theme tonight. Of course, this Slut chose to go au-naturel. So there I went, in full naked glory into the S&M area 1st. I was immediately approached by a guy & in what little light there is available, I knew at once who he was. He's someone that I've hooked up with before in this sauna. I think he recognized me as well cos' he was quick on my heels & groped me the moment I stepped into the SM area.

I didn't mind making out with him cos' we had quite a good time previously. He's pretty tall, at least 1.78m. Broad shouldered & slightly on the meaty side, like a swimmer during his off peak season. He pulled me into a room & immediately went on to kiss me passionately, all the while rubbing his throbbing cock against my bod. He went on to lick me all over & I began to moan sensually. Every inch of my bod he didn't miss & i loved the slithering sensation of his tongue all over my bod. Once he got me all sexed up, i went down on him & sucked his 6" cock ferociously. He had a delicious-looking bright red cock-head & I wrapped my lips around it, going down his shaft & coming up, all the while making loud slurping noises just so he knows how much i was enjoying it. He must have liked it cos he was also making lotsa noise & squirming on the bed. And then, before I knew it, he shot a big load into my mouth. Man, that was fast! I was hoping that he'd fuck me. Looks like no such luck now.
After the 1st guy left the room, I went into the SM area again & this time i caught 2 guys canoodling in one corner. Still horny as ever, I decided to join in. The guy back facing me had a rather toned bod & rock hard butt. Mmm... Sexy! Then my hands roamed across to the other guy. Hmmm... was just alright. So I focused on the guy back facing me & licked his shoulder & ears while I hugged him from behind. Next, I slipped my hands in between the guys & tickled the toned-bod guy's balls with my fingers. He obviously loved it as he started to moan loudly. After awhile, the other guy sensed that he was more into me & made a retreat. 

Now that I had the guy all to myself, I pulled him into the same room where I had 1st made out, since it's conveniently situated next to the SM area. Once inside, I turned on the lights & saw that this toned guy is actually quite mature, at least in his late 40s. For his age, I would say his bod is well-maintained & he had a beautiful 7" schlong that is standing at attention right now. It was quite thick as well & so I dropped on my knees & quickly engulfed his amazing member & deep-throated him. Knowing he likes his balls tickled, I also worked on it, twirling my tongue all around the sacs. He was in 7th heaven & quickly shot his jizz. Damn! I would've loved that thick 7 incher in my tight ass. Guess no such luck again... However, he gave me a thumbs up & kissed me farewell. So yeah, another satisfied 'customer'! Hehe...

By now, I was super super horny. I need to fill up my hole or I'll find some hole to fulfill. That's when I spotted a bald, tanned gym-toned guy. From the way he walked, I could guess that he is a bottom. His walk is like those Japanese Geisha, with little steps & head down most of the time. Haha... Anyway, he spotted me as well & followed me. I went to stand outside the same room that I had made out in & he came to stand right in front of me, giving me a sheepish peek every now & then. OK, no time to waste. I grabbed his hand & led him into the room. 

Once inside, we began to kiss. He was an avid kisser. his lips were always on mine except for those times when he was sucking me. He must be a little drunk cos i could smell alcohol on his breath. No problem. In fact, I think it made him even hornier. Soon, he was begging me to fuck him. My pleasure dude. I made him get into a doggy position, lubed him up & swiftly entered him. As i started to pound he began to moan & with each thrust, he synchronized his moans. It was Sexy as hell! Then, I flipped him over on his back, pulled him to the edge of the bed & fucked him while i was standing. He requested that I kissed him, so I leaned forward, hugged him & kissed him while I pounded. He was so enjoying this moment that he clung on tightly to me. After what seemed like a long time, I decided it's time to switch positions & I told him to turn over, lying on his stomach with his legs spread open. It was such a turn-on to see his tan-lined butt staring back at me. I wasted no time & climbed on top of him, inserted my raging hard cock into him & started plunging deep into the dark crevice. I was now lying on top of him, I held him close to me & licked his shoulders & ears & fucking him at the same time. He was now moaning like a woman & begged me not to stop. I varied my pace, sometimes slow, pulling it all the way till I'm almost out of his hole & pushing back all the way in. Rocking him gently. Sometimes, I'll pound fast in motor speed mode; making him huff & puff. Eventually, I felt my cum welling up in my balls & I shot spurts after spurts in his tight hole. After that, We laid around & made small talk for a bit before I said my goodbyes.

You guys would have thought this is the end of the night for me rite? Not so. My hole down there has not been fulfilled yet & it needs to be satisfied. But I'll leave it till the next time to tell U more.